Friday, August 28, 2009

and the camera's back!! :)

simply like the title..yap my camera's back!!
not a SLR or DSLR but my digicam Lumix Panasonic with leica lens :)
i love uuuuuu
welcome back :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

bali's eye :)

spotted on Garuda Wisnu Kencana : Fara says hello Bali !!
spotted on Nusa Dua : Fara does diving with her friends

Spotted on Nusa Dua : Fara does water sport with her friends

Spotted on Rosso Vivo-Kuta : Fara enjoys the wind breeze

Spotted on Deramland-New Kuta Beach: Fara does body surf

yell : cheeriiooo!! i love u all
Ps: those photofgraphs shall be showed on Elle Maagazine this summer!! grab it soon ;P
anyway nice weather i got there

i love you but..

just found these :

there's no i love you but for my snowball hhe,,
the only reason i put because this picture is pretty much him :)
so cloudy outside..
i miss him

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wanna come!!

Saksikan konser gitar klasik GRATIS
Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009
pukul 19.30, Wisma 76, Lt. 26, Jln S. Parman, kav 76, Slipi, Jakarta Barat (samping Hotel Peninsula)
tlp (021) 538-900-33.
Penampil a.l. Jubing Kristianto, Rene Nessa Sahir, Daniel Tjahja, Pius G. Anton,
dan masih banyak lagi

happy b'day snowball!!

happy b'day...aibong
happy b'day...aibul
happy b'day...nduut
happy b'day...snowball
happy b'day...galala
happy b'day...manggala prasidha
i'm true happy for him tonight, i even not capture it trough his camera :(
i gave him a basketball..he's so pleased :)
also a b'day card,,
and my project..a food journal for him hihi
oh, not to forgot a lil bookmark from bandung..he's not coming there :(
so for sure now he's drving him self to his home,,'cause he insisted tonight to come to my house for giving me the 1st cake,,and for sure i got no surprise for him but the gift and all my love for him :)
have a blissfull life my snowball
'cause i know it's true, clear to see that ur heart is the warmest heart i ever known..
and keep fighting for ur dream cos u're a true knight :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

welcoming the fasting month and my short hair ^^

ohooooo i don't know why i couldn't logged in to my blog these past few dats :(
now, i'm 2Bandung with Cillie and finally i could!! yay!
wisely spend ur time in this blessed month,,pray.pray.and pray :)

okkkaay and another recent thing is: i got my hair short!! yeaa really,,

bumblee-ing before heading out to Istiqlal :)

people says i'm more mature with this cut hihi

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this man :)

this man is the man i love the most
this man is someone i couldn't runaway from
this man is my very bestfriend
this man is someone who had most sincere smile
this man is my daily doze of laugh
this man is my super power
this man is my ultra comfy hugher

this man is Manggala Prasidha :)

definetely YES for today

arrived at my home at 12pm last night (my Snowball drove me home)
tired but the trip was awesome!! i'll tell y later ;)
today watched The taking of Pelham 123, oh i love this movie!!
and Duck King-ing with my snowball
also accompany him took several TPA's book
more over i filled my IRS
woohoo my 7th semester in Civil Eng will come real soon :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

go to sleep..

tomorrow is the excursion day,,
me and and my college mates are going to Surabaya and Bali,,
but rite now i simply can't sleep and pretty messed up with my packs hhee,,
and it's getting worse cos i'm hungry,,but too afraid to go to the kitchen :(

wanna know what's crossing my mind rite now??
just last afternoon memory of me and him swinging together on his cousin's swing :)

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