Thursday, January 20, 2011

xiao long bao

Hari ini nyobain salah satu dimsum favoritnya mr.prasidha namanya xiao long bao di resto Ming (alhamdulillah halal) ..rasanya umm enyaaakkk..tapi seperti biasa karena bukan pecinta ayam gw lebih suka dim sum isi udang :p
anyway..kita pada penasaran gimana si bisa ada kuah dari dalem dimsumnya..jadilah gw mulai mencari-cari eh ketemu deh..

umm susah juga ternyata..mungkin membuat seporsi xiao long bao bisa diatro didaftar mimpi gw aja lol
umm mungkin ada yang tahu kemana harus kursus dimsum..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't get bored ><

Cillie's bangles and my rings :D
Fara's Halo BlackBerry®

Friday, January 14, 2011

sat-sleep day :p

It's middle Jan of 2011..
I'm typing with by blackberry..
Fyi this is my first blog post with this smart phone ahahaha ><
I just found out that it works! Silly me!

Now i want to share my thought a bit..
It's all about getting scared
We people now that this world shall be end one day.. thinking about that i'm just scared

I'm scared cause what i got now is nothing compared that what god had given me the chance..

God gave me the great world, people, love, things but what i gave in return?

I sometimes missed my prays time
I sometimes made people around me sad and worried
I sometimes littered on the park
I sometimes wasted my food

Now i'm really scared if God stop my time and i simply freeze cause my life's CV isn't fit :(

Next month is my February..i shall be 22 years old..and i'm a bit scared if GOD say: u're 21 isn't impress me well..why i should give an additional year? ><

Fara's Halo BlackBerry®

a kiss from the memory

my two monthsary collage ><
time do flies!

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