Monday, June 29, 2009

more books : )

i came to jakarta book's fair today with sirli, mom & sheila!!
we got the diary of wimpy kid, king biography, the bothers spot with discounted price : )
and some low price books for kids learning for azka and airin
i'm hoping for the next year they'll have more participants and more books cos today i felt it's not like the biggets book fair in town ehehe
ended up with a big bowl of noodles @ Plaza Senayan and long time no see mc flury : )

Thursday, June 25, 2009


  • The erection of a Tower Crane watched !! yuhuu : ) sure i'll upload the photos from my internship soon : )
  • Aji,kemal,vande,anton and prima bhirtday @ spaghetti house & @ Blits Megaplex transformation 2 movie-Pacific Place : ), but i'm sorry the movie isn't a five star rate or something like that for me,,the story,,not impressive,,shallow
  • prayin' so bad, so i can watch the ice age 3 for free and for the Museum Indonesia Record @ Plaza Indonesia,,got to be there earliest : ) hhee
  • u go my snowball!! for ur final paper my dearest : )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a beautiful wrap!! : )


better late than never : )

yaaaap!i'm on my internship,,starting from monday
but today i was free : )
noon, my snowball came into my house yippie!!
i made him a hot choc, and fried a chicken tofu for him
in the afternoon, me , my mother and my sisters decided to watch a movie
it was star trek,,finnaly hehe
i loved the story,and this is the 1st time i watched star trek movie
and now i wonder how can i got the past 10 movies of star trek that i missed
'cause i really want to watch those : (

Monday, June 22, 2009

me likey : )

meet my favorite girls,,
Matilda by Roald Dahl

Pippi Långstrump by Astrid Lindgren

i love my childhood : )

skirts that put a smile on my face : )

yeehaa,,couple days ago i went to pasar senen with my sisters
got some skirts, suppa cheap : ) ahaay
here my picts with the skirt,,two from about eight (me; two,cillie; three, uwi;three) skirt,,
the price was (less than 1 $) Rp.8000 and (1/10 than 1 $) Rp.1000 each.Yippie!!

up to bottom:
uwi's inacraft necklake
my ninewest bag
cillie's white t-shirt (factory outlet @ Bandung)
cillie's floral skirt (from Pasar Senen: Rp 8000, less than 1 $)
my tracce

up to bottom:
my white shirt
my ninewest bag
my skirt (from Pasar Senen: Rp 8000, less than 1 $)
my symbolize

i'm gonna have a new car ehehe
amieen : )
my mother always wanted for a jeep, semi jeep,,,okay
so both photos above taken from: pajero sport exhibition @ Mall Kelapa Gading
and pajero sport test drive @ Parkir Timur Senayan
and the story goes we're damn love pajero on the 1st sight,,but it's a solar car, and noisy,,it bothers,,sorry
soo,,my mom picked Captiva,,a beautiful shaped SUV car
wait for u belle! : )

Friday, June 19, 2009

picts from the homey home : )_1_

a homey day,,
taking care of my two beloved cousins (airinz and azka)
following my mom's, me and my sister (cilie) start patchworking
and capturing objects in my home (me & airinz too, just wait the upload)
ehehe :D

mandiri : )

kita harus menjadi bangsa yang mandiri
yang tidak bergantung
kita harus hati-hati benar dengan organisasi-organisasi dunia yang tekait dengan uang
mereka akan selalu membuat kita tergantung
mereka menyelinapkan anak-anak bangsa yang pintar, berkuasa, dan sudah dipengaruhi untuk tidak mandiri lagi dalam mengurusi bangsanya ke dalam pemerintahan kita
kita harus bersatu
penjajahan sekarang adalah penjajahan yang merampas kemandirian kita
mandiri adalah kemampuan kita untuk mengurusi bangsa ini
mandiri adalah jikalau kita berhutang kita mampu melunasinya
mandiri adalah saat kita bekerja kita menggunakan seluruh potensi yang ada
mandiri adalah menyelesaikan amnah dan tanggung jawab
mandiri ialah jika kita ditawarkan kita berani menolak
mandiri adalah mau dan harus belajar
mandiri adalah jejak yang rekamanya harus dijaga untuk dijadikan panutan kelak
mandiri adalah merdeka
mandiri adalah ilmu pengetahuan
mandiri adalah tidak diddikte
mandiri adalah adil
mandiri adalah tidak mencuri yang bukan haknya
mandiri mengalir dalam darah kita
mandiri terujar dalam lisan kita
mandiri terdengar dari derap langkah-langkah kita
mandiri adalah maju
mandiri adalah indah dan damai
mandiri adalah saat kita kuat berpijak kita menyediakan diri kita untuk membantu orang lain berpijak
mandiri adalah bersama
mandiri merupakan anugrah tak terkira bagi suatu bangsa
mandiri,,bangsa yang mandiri membuat rakyatnya berucap syukur, tersenyum dan saling merangkul berbagi ilmu : )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

miss u much : )

waaaw pretty much missing,,hehe
anwy i'm on my holiday sluurp nyamm : )
mostly sushi, some shops and they're all bankrupted me : (
and heeya i'm now on my internship @ PP Dirganeka
meet mr.tower crane, excavator, and the site manager for sure : )
not officially started, but it should be completed for 120 work hours but lucky me it's pretty near from my home : )
i'll come back with pictures,,real soon ahaaay : )

nite everyone,,and ohh i miss my snowball much,,much,,
he had a pretty complicated situation right now,,been busying with his final assignment
i wanna meet him real soon and give him my big hug : )
maybe all i can do to bear this missing u symptom
is singing my loved one female singer,, india arie
i present u,,chocolate high,,,ehehe

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooh ooh
If we make each other happy, then we just can't lose

I don't mean to be decadent
I might sound like a hedonist
But the simplest way I can put it
You become a habit
The more I consume, the more I gotta have it
Ain't no such thing as too much
If you gave me everything it'd never be enough yeah
My black coffee with sugar no cream in the morning
You're my super double caffeine dream yeah

Your precious darkness got me so
Strung out and lovin' the way that you
Got me so wide open, my baby doll
Jonesin' and fienin' under my skin
My nerves are screamin' when you're not here
See baby I need ya sugar
You're so delicious

There is somethin' about your love
That makes me just want to open up
Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life
I'm addicted to your
Chocolate High
Cause I want you, and I know that you want me
So let's stay close like we supposed to be
And just get high off our own supply
I'm addicted to your chocolate high

I be trippin' in so many ways if I
Go a single day without a taste of your love
The finest cuisine of today's world
Five stars, oh you're so gourmet girl

I crave you, I want you
Every cell in my body needs you
Tasty like hershey's and nestle
You're rich like godiva boy you just so sexy

There is somethin' about your love
That makes me just want to open up
Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life
I'm addicted to your chocolate high
Cause I want you, and I know that you want me
So let's stay close like we supposed to be
And just get high off our own supply
I'm addicted to your chocolate high

Your flavor is
The sweetest thing in life
And I don't ever want to come down
I'm addicted to your chocolate high
Oh yeah

There is somethin' about your love
That makes me just want to open up
Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life
I'm addicted to your chocolate high
Cause I want you, and I know that you want me
So let's stay close like we supposed to be
And just get high off our own supply
I'm addicted to your chocolate high

(and know i'm confuse which one i fell in love with,,india arie or my boyfriend ahaaay! )

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

happy feet : )

yippie,,finnaly his camera is with me
so i can share my happy story here ahahay

it was a beautifull saturday morning when him, his mom, and me take a walk @ ancol Jakarta Utara, got nerve lil bit but it was ok,,i shared story and laugh with her : )
ended up with my favorite pouridge station in Pulomas, i mean tenda bubur ayam (we're starving,,and the poridges are so well) and also my fave snack when i was a litle "kue cubit" : )

him, takin' a walk the sunshine

the fishin' area

me & his mom : ) hhhee

Sunday, June 7, 2009

soo gorgeous, emma watson : )

beautiful her !

taken from
adorable, rite?

with my mom : )

a monthly routine @ Carefour,,
this month with too much snacks and chocs : D

my mom's favorite snacks!! : )

Friday, June 5, 2009


continuing from my post : a fun yet beautifull day!
here they are!!
photos from my fun-fun-fun day : )

ehehe : )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

can't live without the sunshine and choc and cheese and lotta love hehe

today's list:
it's fun, free here being alone in my house ahaha
  • picniking the photos
  • choc pudding again and again
  • singing loudly
  • d.i.y project
  • clean up my room
  • beware of strangers,,take a look 1st from the balcony who's ringin' my bell : )

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mayo on my mouth

just want to tell how fullfilled my appetite..
i love sushi, i really do
i'm starving at the moment, yes i am
i don't have much money,,yaa 'cos sushi will cost pretty much : )
i'm with my boyfriend and yeaa he feel the same..
so us decided to go to Sumo Sushi
it's what u called "warung sushi" at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
i'm sorry for the table (made from wood) is lil bit stink (maybe the rain drops fallin in it,,and humid it)
we oredered salmon kremes (filled and topped with mayo yumm! 6 pieces) it's only Rp.18.000
the nigiri: unagi (umm i forgot the price), also unagi salad Rp.19.000
the maki : salmon spicy (umm also forgot the price)
and the okonomiyaki seafood (again with mayoo,,ahaaaayyy!!) it's Rp.17.000
and the drinks: a mineral water bottled-Aqua and a refiil hot-tea, not a sweet ice tea (Rp.3.000) 
pretty cheap aren't they,,and yap my appetite fulfilled ehehe

Monday, June 1, 2009


  • terminator salvation, watched!
  • dynamic bread filled durian monthong, ate it! (want it more hahay!)
  • the bitumen lab's repport, done!
  • my rent in Depok, paid!
  • sunset on the third comics, got it!
  • new gossips from my friend, heard it!(hehe)
thanks to my snowball,, who always take a good care of me : )
good luck for the 'skripsi' dear!!
love u more than u think i could have..

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