Saturday, May 30, 2009


did i ever mention i love bolt?
last night is the 1st time i wacthed the movie : )
and taaaraaa!!
bolt is ultra cute!! hihi
not just bolt, but also the polaroid camera..
uh,,i want it,,i do,,for plaroid one600
i'm googling, kaskus-ing then i found that it's round a million rupiah's but the film quite expensive,,10 film sheets would cost me Rp.350.000
saving-saving on the go
'cos the real camera seems long way to come,,i give my self my polaroid maker from the internet first,,haha






Thursday, May 28, 2009

my sunshine

sad : (
but i'll be fine
there's always be the sunshine after the rain : )
ps; i LOVE u mom !

Saturday, May 23, 2009

le bon marche!

Last night, me and my family went to marche,
a from-Swiss restaurant which can make u feel urself in Swiss.
It's called marche-french words translated in english : market because when we want our food then we have to order it the same way( the ambience) like we're in swiss traditional market.There's many food stall and they'd love to make our order right in front of us.
Me, personnally order an Rosti, sliced potato and beef sausage. my sis have her own pasta (which is soo creammy yumm!) , my lil sis order a pizza, my mom have same order like me, and my father with extra salmon (which is soo soft, like it!).
in my opinion the ambience is extra good, but lil bit too crowd,,hhe cos it's saturday night : )
but the food is too much for my stomach, one porsion feels like made for two,,
the porsion doesn't fit my asian stomach size hehe
but what i love the most is their dessert,,all kind Swiss choc added just so fine,,hehe
we ordered the crepe ( i forgot the name) it consisted of soft crepe, strawberry yoghurt, fruit toppings, and also my own topping like peppermint sauce, honey and the choc chips i wont resist,,hoho, the choc muffin
and also the hot choc,,hmm,,delicious : )

Friday, May 22, 2009

the sunset on the third street-San-Chome no Yuhi

first time i saw this comic, it looks like my favorite comic (maruko-chan) or kobo-chan..story of a funny daily life : )
but,,San-Chome no Yuhi (Sunset on Third Street) tells a heart touching story 'bout people who lived and worked in the neighbourhood around the showa era
like it!
it's on the movie too
: )
ps: i'm still looking for the movie; always-sunset on the third street

Thursday, May 21, 2009

define you : )

                 i heart u gala : )

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

being glad

so glad at home : ) 
so glad after the management construction project assignment presentation : )
so glad for the cheese cake : )

not glad for the final test,,next week!! waaa
not glad for making up the management construction final paper hoho
not glad for my messy room ...

ps: gonna watch the korean drama, eat sushi..ahaha

Saturday, May 16, 2009


hoola!! hoola!!
(seemed too excited,,hoho)
well i'm back after a week, what a week!
  • my Structural design assignment is done.Done? yap, with all efforts made trough the night tryin' to create-run-make(again)-run the portal case,,fiuh..(credits to kepodang ,Vande yosua, gita, prima, hoho) But, please don't ask me 'bout this assignment for good, i'm hibernating 'bout this topic hehe
  • well, next i've got to finish my management construction and highway engineering asignments : (  can i? can i? can i? 
  • delivering a good presentation on 'teknik saitasi' (what's the english translation for this? anyone? hehe) well Mrs Evi don't complain too much, and my group can handle the question well hihi
  • attending the quarter final on basketball engineering cup, yess we win! the final,,i'm not attending 'cos of my highway engineering assignments : ( and we lose huuuuu 
  • proud of my civil female basketball team,,'tough we're not win we're much away good
  • i love my hands while it glycerinized so my hands don't have to be stick with the bitumen hehe
  • i'm wondering why after we paid the campus fee  pretty much but they don't let's use the automatic compacting machine : (
  • i love the way i spend my friday-saturday with my boyfriend and more love if he cuts his hair :)
  • now, i remember just remember that i'm still typing here and not opening the yahoo tab for sending email for Mrs.Leni hehe ciao!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

miss ya my strength

arrrghh!! what's on me??
lately i'm just,,keep browsing, keep writing, keep missin' my boyfriend ahaha, keep eating' (gosh, i'm snacking a lot, too bad i ate two instant noodle for the past two days, but still yogurt-ing hihi) and the last,,the bolder one : lazy on me! ahaha can't stand it anymore
u know, i've no determination to finish my assignments, 'cos simply this semester are too much!! too much assignmnets with tiny time,,and divided into a group which u can't hold where u're belong too,,okay,,just stop it, u lazy! u're loser Fara,,arggh!! noo pleaseee
now, what should i do?? hiks, i'm startin' to cry,,god, damn it! why can my finger start to type somekind of two-way-slab calculation, editing my final paper of contruction management, opening A-cad for my cut & filling work in highway engineering or simply,,start to downloading the foundation's ppt hiks,,i need help..
but u know, in my opinion, the bright opinion ahaha
this kind of circumtances is normall
and trully accepted (did i just wrote "accepted"?? oh my..) 
okay,, i'm begging to start covering my own faults..ehehe
maybe i sholud take a rest? No, too much rest already..
so what i need?? i need u (ahaha silly!)
umm maybe right,, maybe i need someone..someone to take a fight with! yap,, i do think about it! need someone who made me jealous enough,,but this someone must be close enough to me,,if she/he doesn't close enough,,it's impossible for me to get jealous ahaha..yaaa i need someone who can sayin' a loud "hey Fara, how can u just sit like that? while i'm flyin' high,,,ahaha" oh, my,, hate u! but wait,,look i'm gonna catch u!
okay,,i don't have this kind of person,,cos bassically i do friend by caring and sharing
but u know,, iwant this daring type too
isn't it cute while someone who dares u and makes u trough the hard thing (in a good way offcourse) kisses and huges u in the end of the race?? soo cute
u know it's like combining both thing u like and u don't like and hoping they're fine,,hihi
okaaay, let's kick start the monday! monday (a day) = depok (a town) = teknik ui (my college) = tc  (Engineering cup) ahaha/ tb (final assignments) = my all crazy-oh-stress-like-me friends (i do hope them too / well i know they do hehe)

pst: "well stormy semester i've ever had,,hopefully i could get trough this,, : )
& wanna try Sushi Naga real soon : (

after eat my mom's meat balls : )

my stomach is full hehe
my mood is balance 
my assignments are interrupted haha

still accessoring my blog , it's been four days since i start to journaling my day, often sharing' my toughts here : ) and somehow by writing down here i feel relax (ahaha) 

now i'm following my friend:
and voila! 


You are Yellow Lion, who looks cheerful, straightforward and precise, but at the bottom of your heart, you are very cautious towards other people and do not take your guard off so easily. 
You are always thoroughly on your guard.
You hardly express your emotions, but can act in line with the others. 
Although this make you look sociable, you are not truly coming out of your shell.
You tend to be rather a lonely person, and work hard without taking notice of the surrounding situations. 
You dislike being interfered, and do not depend on or show your weakness to others. 
You tend to endure your struggle all on your own.
You are very responsible person, and puts great effort in improving traditional things. 
You don't go rushing into things on your own, but try to work by keeping well balanced with others.
You have perseverance, and carry things out with determination to finish it. 
You live your life actively and are reliable person.
Your ways of thinking is sound and reliable. 
This sometimes gives you an impression of being too serious and strong-minded. 
You don't possess emotional dependence and obsession. 
You have a very straight forward atmosphere, and can tackle things calmly. 
You don't brood over as well.
You can look after and take good care of those younger than you and those who are weaker than you. 
They depend on you greatly. 
You will keep your career even after the marriage. 
It will be important for you and your partner to respect each other.

and for him,,


You are Red Koala, who would not dress up putting on excessive accessories. 
You are an idyllic person. 
You give the impression of being natural and without pretence. 
Nevertheless, the inner you tends to be rather sensitive and nervous.
Your personality is cheerful and you can tackle work effectively.
You tend to possess political power within your personal relationships, and at work. 
You can make others follow you. 
You are a natural born leader. 
You are always thinking about getting to the top.
You have a sense to read head of times, and therefore, can be quick on changes in the society. 
You always go head of the others. 
Your weakness is that you are indifferent to material things and having relationship with other people. 
Because you tend to be calculative, you may suffer from a loss of someone you care about, and you can be high handed.
You tend to assess people only on their ability. 
If you can be more open minded to look into the effort they put in, you will be successful.
You have an artistic sense. 
You look for romance in your life, and will go on to make the dream come true. 
If you go in the fields of music and art, your talent may open up.

ahaha scarily accurate in many points : )

So what are yours?? hihi  : ) 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

i feel so unproductive today : (

I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.
-Ken Venturi-
u're right mr.Ken : )

Friday, May 8, 2009

curently reading

i'm reading this information:

CES320803 - Teknik Sanitasi 
Kelas Teknik Sanitasi UAS 20 Mei 2009 09.00 - 12.00 Mm EC Lt. 3

CES32018 - Peranc. Struktur 
Kelas Peranc. Struktur (A) UAS 25 Mei 2009 13.30 - 16.30 K.101 
Kelas Peranc. Struktur (B) UAS 25 Mei 2009 13.30 - 16.30 K.210

CES310804 - Manajemen & Asp Hukum Konstruksi 
Kelas Manaj Asp Hukum (A) UAS 26 Mei 2009 09.00 - 12.00 K.102B 
Kelas Manaj Asp Hukum (B) UAS 26 Mei 2009 09.00 - 12.00 K.104

CES320804 - Rekayasa Pondasi 
Kelas Rekayasa Pondasi (A) UAS 28 Mei 2009 09.00 - 12.00 K.209 
Kelas Rekayasa Pondasi (B) UAS 28 Mei 2009 09.00 - 12.00 A.203

CES32019 - Teknik Jalan Raya 
Kelas T. Jalan Raya (A) UAS 29 Mei 2009 13.30 - 16.30 K.209 
Kelas T. Jalan Raya (B) UAS 29 Mei 2009 13.30 - 16.30 K.104

actually i don't like post anything related to my college things, bolder: my final test schedule hiks (that's why i keep them small :P )
but to be honest the above information is what i'm currently reading
over & over again,,making preparation & strategy how to win the 'final test war' ahaha
anyway,,i think i must stop planning, start studying : )
umm later,,cos the diary of  a wimpy kid
still waiting for me hehe

hohoho : )

drive, drove, driven : )

enjoying myself while i'm driving : )
watching life's drama behind the steering wheel
lookin' deep into them who aren't lucky as i am
it takes seconds until i get honked hehe

then shake my head when those motor cycles passed me by,,they all like bees, they simply can't wait, and they can 'stink' us as the car driver, pushin' all the mistaken to us.'Cos they all are tiny, need to be protected but themselves risk our lives : (
please no more motor cycle on the right side

the street, i love it in the morning! saw all the people are bussy ; on the traditional market i passed by, schools, bus stop, and the most beautiful queue up on the high way hehe

love the way people fight for their own day : ) 
and me too! with my own way
then try to relaxing myself afterward
with my own way too
sometimes the best way is by driving my car : )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the sweet escape of mine : )

whenever i feel gloomy these perfumes made my day!
defines me : )
shootin' an ice breakin'
Didn't u think so?

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle : )

Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic
pst, i've got all this fragrance from my boyfriend
By the time he gave me he's simply sayin' : "hey, it smells nice, it fits u : ) "

By the time, I still have two more perfume from my dad (but they're too heavy for me) i don't really keen on wearing it : (
well i know Perfumes are more expensive than sushi : )
and as i'm wearing fragrance only if i felt gloomy : ) and if i want to.
so i decided, to had the less expensive one, the one u can spraying without guiltying hehe
so i pick these:

Magnolia Blossom Bath & Body Works

Johnson's baby cologne twinkle

the bottom line: they're all sweet : )

A fun yet beautifull day!

heiii!!there's been a long time i didn't chit-chat, laughing with my boyfriend (phone calling not counted hehe).Him with the dissertation stuff and me with all those assignments, labs, all the college things.Those all make us need some fresh air..not by sushi-ing, hanging out with friends, or accompany him to his friends wedding hehe, we did all those : ) all we want to do is meet the nature! so we decided to went out to our nearest fresh air producer, puncak. 
First time he ask me to went for an ATV ride, that's sounds great, tough i'm still hoping, i really do, to get permission from my mom for rafting with him.But on the 6th mei (which is our monthsary) we decided to cancel it, cause there's plenty task for me and him.
Then, after he suprised me with the Estee Lauder perfume and we've spending time together at his home; watching ice-age, playing piano (him) & singing (me) then finnaly went to Ace hardware and eat some worth price  food; lamb steak (him) & salmon steak (me) @ Jl. Wr.Buncit- Jakarta Selatan (can't imagine if that salmon steak size convert into a sushi! what a price! hehe) we decided to take a change! (we had a 'lil fight here hehe).So after he drove me home we agreed to went to puncak early in the morning, 06.30 am from Rawamangun- Jakarta Timur.
Fortunately we both too tired,, so we fall asleep easily (usually he can't sleep @ night , me too but 'cos i'm surfing on the internet hehe).So it was around 04.00 am he phoned me to woken up me, 'cause I've got to edit my assignments ( but i even can't open my eyes).I fall asleep and voila! it's already 6 o'clock in the morning when i woke up!
we're late,,That's just the beginning.My tire broken! fortunately that's was only a tiny hole comes from a tiny nail too hehe.But he tought that was a bad sign.Along the way isn't getting better.Because our 1st plan ridin' ATV was cancelled (again it's a bad sign) we tried too had a tea-walk @ agromas.Well finnaly our mission for getting fresh air is accomplished!.Our moods are boosted up! we both had so much fun there, not only cos we went there on the weekdays, so it didn't crowd.But We had a yummy dum-dum "pisang bakar" .I don't know, it might be "pisang Raja".It was a 'lil raining we had while we are eating, accompanied by tea (which i'm not expert on tasting tea, i tought the tea just like a tea :P but 'cos i choose the ginger tea, it warmed me).We met some foreigners there.The tour guide offered Taro,,oh,,better banana miss :P

The yummy-dum-dum banana : )

sharin' sillyness with him :P

After the tea experience (but we didn't go inside the tea factory 'cos it's almost noon) we decide to go to Puncak pass for prayin' Dzuhur.Along the way, we found Melrimba, it was really great yet beautifull place to visit!( i want to go to visit this place, but today is the day i finnaly visited it! hehe) There's an ATV ride there too, but too small, it's for the family.Then we went to their garden,and green house, awesome! plenty phalaenopsis, anthurium, and cactus are there! but i don't know, why i didn't find my lily hehe.
After taking a walk in their garden costed Rp.5000 for one person (their tea-walk is another my wish list!) .We went to their restaurant,it was cozy and fine.We had our spirit back : ).
Then we played basketball, my boyfriend is sooooo happy, we had a shoot-match there, got the basketball lessons to thrown-in a ball (me), laughing a lot while playing, and finnaly stopped 'cos we're too tired hehe.
A fun day, a great relaxing time, a lovely time for two : )
pst; can't wait to get those fun pictures from his camera : )

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i miss u!!

i miss my sushi sooo much!! hiks
yesterday, i found 
it's WOW! delightfull!

the image above is their recent recipe : Lemon Drop Roll
Cute? isn't it?

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