Wednesday, December 30, 2009

white year

helloo..look, my template is new ahaha
now it's white and i heart it
suddenly i fell in love with white colours :)
might mr.manggala prasidha had his responsible for it ;P
so on the next day is gonna be 2010
happy new year everyone!!

photo from :

and this 2010 is a cool year for this future things




food combining!!

photo from :

photo from : © Ted Horowitz/Corbis


my family time!!


all lead to one mission

making my self insanely happy trough the year :)

ps: some photo published here without source..please be sincere to tell me the source ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

exactly ;)

what if we're aliens...

i'm happy :)
shared today with putriiiiiii
watched planet 51
a looooots of chit chatting (gosh we've been almost 3 years didn't meet)
and off course window shopping till drop :)

my boy still rafting in Sukabumi
it's a long track one
surely he got plenty fun ( wish to be there too but can't)

my sisters went to circus

and tonight i hope my 'seminar' is done :)

Friday, December 25, 2009



perfumery :)

just a short quiz i taken..and they got me two result..

You might like Fresh Fragrances

Energetic, low-maintenance, and fun are three words that people typically use to describe you. You're equal parts grown-up tomboy and flirty heartbreaker. This indicates you need an effervescent sparkling scent to match your outgoing personality. "Fresh" scents are loaded with zesty fruits, such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit, plus crisp greens, such as fresh-cut grass and violet leaves. Some also have refreshing water-based aromas, reminiscent of the beach.

(fiuhh that was totally me ehehe but i don't really like this smell)


You might also like Floral Fragrances

Classic taste and style are your hallmarks, and we're betting that you're often described as elegant, charming, and sweet. So it seems only right for you to wear a scent that is as timeless as you. Floral fragrances, which are often associated with romance and femininity, can feature a single bloom or contain an entire bouquet of jasmine, rose, white peony, gardenia, and/or tuberose. Depending on what other aromas they're mixed with, these fragrances can be very flowery, soft and powdery, light and fruity, or even sweet and spicy

(note really kind of me, but yes i do have lots of my perfume smell like this one and i love it)

well people have two sides,,just one side is boring rite ;P

cupid things ;P

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a note

u can't burn people to make them bend, they're not the steel
u can't have an eye for an eye, so everyone get blind in the end
u can't expect the action=reaction on people cause there's GOD
human is do the humanity
learn to respect and understand it
human just can't be GOD to another human

a letter

almost in every match i lose from u
u are the king of the match

forever in my life i seek the way to combat u
u're the murderer of my happiness
u're my anger

sometimes u coming from a sadness which is ur powerful weapon to combat me
sometimes u just coming to do warming up with me then you lose

lately u're growing up like the Taipei 101 so high i can't even pull u out anymore

but i believe u soon comeback to be my UNO's block yeah that short and i can destroy u anytime

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a glowing heart of mine

"i've been
millions time
fallen in love with u

Bon Appetit!

i believe watching movies are good habit :)
so, i've been watching julie/julia and totally loved it!
the story tells how both people share same possession that lead their life into happiness and that was cooking!
how possibly it wouldn't be a nice movie??
the pictures is pretty and the food are craving me in ;P
what i learn is the way people find joy in their life and how the beloved one strengthen they are :)
the movie based on two true story from the famous chef Julia Child and a writer Julie Powell

the legendary book : Mastering the Art of French Cooking

the Julie Powell blog

the Julia Child's kitchen at The Smithsonian Museum

Well, Bon Appetit ! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

the heart tells a story

might i got stress and soo lost
might i wrong but i declined it
might the worst happened but it won't stop this heart to miss you...

whatever it takes i'll go as long as i can feel the miss feeling..'cause without it..u'll never be exist in my heart..and i'll have a cloud of sorrow above my head..
with you i rounded by the magic rainbow..the mixed of the colour constantly drive me insanely happy :)

i wanna say sorry but it sounds so decent..see i'm gonna tell you how much i miss you and how far i want u to be involved in my life..mine was great but with yours it doubled the feeling!!

i want to listen to u deeper, listen till i met the period, so idon't have to push u to put the comas..

we might totally young for all things waiting us forward..or just me the young one? whatever the things i knew we start and will end all together..just like the apple pie we shared ;)

thanked for your extremely wide and warm heart :)
(ps: i'll soon draw a picture of us..or some kind related to us ehehe)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

december's story..

heiho..i'm back again..
this almost end 7th semester really pushin' me in..
the seminar, kp, assignments, lab...oh my oh my :(
glad to know that less than a week they all will disappear hihi..

so today, i went to Teluk Jakarta, for the seminar thing..i' got to write down everything before 24th! the truth the draft has to be submitted before 17th!!
packed with a map, me and gala still get lost a bit ehehe..but we did enjoy the trip..but not the smell..and the argued or i lke it? cos it make us alive hehehe..

might the location i'll pick is muara karang but i don't know whether the kamal will be better or not.. might later i'll go there since i stil got an exam for tomorrow.. ups two exams haha

got exhausted and sleepy we try pizza boutique near his house..pricey but great chicken fettuccine pizza..we don't bring much money so we should skip the desert uhuhuhu ;P
it's ok at least we don't have to wash the dishes ahaha

back home, then i found my family preparing to take my grandfather to the doctor,,he's not well, last night his condition was ever he was better.. i kiss him and praying for him.

I'd like to go home but there're two of my niece there..they're totally cute, their mum in Aceh and their father in padang,,they both now taken care by their grandma and grandpa.. huhu works over matter..

1st time they're just as quiet as they can be..but okay,,i just can't stand of doing nothing with the child,,well child is the greatest GOD'S gift... so i started to talk and make them laugh..the next minutes..they're unbeatable.. got so exhausted following them anywhere especially they got interested with the three wheel bicycle! what a strong grandma and grandpa :) they both looks like the same age,, the oldest is one year older than the youngest..just like me and sirli..they share laugh,,,and when they tired they go find milk,,laying down recharging them self ehehe

they just have no fear and obviously questioned many thing,,one thing that keep them quiet is fish,,,fish in aquarium,,and fish in the pot..

and the final stage is when they want to take a bath..oh my it's fun! they didn't cry..even the shampoo running down their face..well baby's shampoo didn't irritate right.. this not my first time,,but taking bath of two is definitely my first time,,they queue and laugh so often..god i remember me and sirli back then.. do we just like them they got a good smell and they should go home..huhu

they sat on the back seat with grandma,,rise their hand and bye-bye auntie..
and so the auntie still have to face the two exams for tomorrow ;P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sometimes all you need is a let go :)

an acceptance..
a time..
a self improvement..
a forward step..
a wide heart..
a ready soul..

do a let go..
and u'll find life's prettier :)

but let's see,, to let go is a hard one..
at least for me
ms.never give up but got exhausted :(

Friday, November 6, 2009

always :)

not much can i say..'cos words can't describe how much i thanked u!!
be my love always yaa :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

ouch !!

'ditraktir' di kliniknya Gala di Jatibening.. dan senut-senut jadinya sekarang hhhee

Monday, October 26, 2009


..for this one year..

Friday, October 16, 2009

..jakarta in a cup of coffee..

i was craving for coffee..and it could be specified as I did need starbucks blended wkwkw or might less,,it's ok for
but where did i find such..when i'm not going entrance any malls??
so i drove myself to Anomali, Senopati 'cause Gala was definitely busy for 'malam bainai'
Like always,,got an afternoon in the south jakarta specified Santa-Senopati-Mampang in a weekdays are pissed everywhere so do mine wkwkwk
it's kinda weird 'cause i found myself enjoy driving with this traffic condition..i got many aspiration and inspiration..(i ever mentioned it in the previous post)
so back to the coffe things,,i found there's no car park left behind,,and that's fine 'cause they got lil space there,,then the parker came to me,,guide me to parked my car across the building..also crossed me..thanked!
so i entered the cafe..and quite there..find interesting smell and straight away i ordered.
I'm too in love with almond and hazelnut blended in my got to be impossible to not ordered them..i can't find the almond so i ordered the hazelnut..
i'ts pretty fast then i got my coffee..because i did the coffee take away so i shouldn't pay the service :D
i didn't notice..did starbucks do this too??
(not noticed because i never have starbucks on my own bills wkwkwk)
so it's perfect's strong taste,blended well,fast service,quiet place and..definitely safe for my pocket :D
and also very agree with their motto..SUPPORT OUR LOCAL COFFEE ROASTER
and that afternoon the traffic are so well..thanked to myself for buying the hazelnut latte :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

lil bit much of Jakarta :)

kikugawa Resto..

huamm ngantuk,,dilanjut besok ;P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

what happened..

wat happened if..
u constantly poured the water into a glass full of water??
u keep drawing until u got no spaces but u continue it??
u keep racing tough u know u don't have any energy at all??
u keep walking tough u know u got nowhere to go anywhere??
u keep talking but noone listening??
u keep cut until the pieces becoming quarkz??
said that's everymatters have limitations
over doing leads u to zero result

Thursday, September 24, 2009

today's menu :)

today's menu :)
red mango
noodles (the poor one)
onion rings
schaum's outline
fluids mechanic's book
a harvest cake for my mom
today's note : cillie can't do parking :(
and i still heart manggala tough he's annoyyed me much,,now and im the future i guess

Monday, September 21, 2009

happy ied,, :)

the pink rose


ayah & ma'adang

my family :)
happy ied y all
mohon maaf lahir & batin ^^

ps: and on the day+2 lebaran,,my pool keep splashing..happy swimming lil sisters & brothers of mine :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

sedih ramadhannya pergi...

hari ini hari terakhir puasa,,
besok kita umat islam sedunia merayakan hari besar..lebaran :)
selalu sedih meninggalkan ramadhan,,apalagi ramadhan tahun ini yang entah mengapa buatku sangat cepat berlalunya,,
sedih membayangkan beberapa hari absen tarawih dan subuh berjamaah,,sedih membayangkan al-madhani yang kian sepi kala ramadhan usai,,
sedih karena tahu diri ini tidak banyak berubah,,sangat-sangat tidak ingin ramadhan pergi,,
bagiku yang sampai malam ini belum terlelap deru takbir hanya membuat hati ini semakin pilu,,
ya allah izinkan aku bertemu ramadhan mu lagi,,
izinkan aku agar puasa esok aku tidak menyibukkan diriku lagi untuk duniawi,,izinkan aku menyibukkan diri ini untukmu,,
moga allah yang maha mendengar mengabulkan doaku..amiiin

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gathering again!!

all the meetings, deadline, projects,,over a year ago friends
so gald to have you all
my BEM FT 08 :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'prawn' and sushi :)

mr Gala just so kind today..
encourage me to watch district 9 which is awesome, he believe it's gonna be great if they had a trilogy for it :)
then dine in @ Sekai,,we got 50% in this fasting month..
we had tarawih together in his house,,with his mum, lil sister 'dita' and dita's boyfriend black 'adi'
mr Gala becoming the imam :)
and i ended this beautiful day with Elle hhhe,,completely happy ^^

Friday, August 28, 2009

and the camera's back!! :)

simply like the title..yap my camera's back!!
not a SLR or DSLR but my digicam Lumix Panasonic with leica lens :)
i love uuuuuu
welcome back :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

bali's eye :)

spotted on Garuda Wisnu Kencana : Fara says hello Bali !!
spotted on Nusa Dua : Fara does diving with her friends

Spotted on Nusa Dua : Fara does water sport with her friends

Spotted on Rosso Vivo-Kuta : Fara enjoys the wind breeze

Spotted on Deramland-New Kuta Beach: Fara does body surf

yell : cheeriiooo!! i love u all
Ps: those photofgraphs shall be showed on Elle Maagazine this summer!! grab it soon ;P
anyway nice weather i got there

i love you but..

just found these :

there's no i love you but for my snowball hhe,,
the only reason i put because this picture is pretty much him :)
so cloudy outside..
i miss him

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wanna come!!

Saksikan konser gitar klasik GRATIS
Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009
pukul 19.30, Wisma 76, Lt. 26, Jln S. Parman, kav 76, Slipi, Jakarta Barat (samping Hotel Peninsula)
tlp (021) 538-900-33.
Penampil a.l. Jubing Kristianto, Rene Nessa Sahir, Daniel Tjahja, Pius G. Anton,
dan masih banyak lagi

happy b'day snowball!!

happy b'day...aibong
happy b'day...aibul
happy b'day...nduut
happy b'day...snowball
happy b'day...galala
happy b'day...manggala prasidha
i'm true happy for him tonight, i even not capture it trough his camera :(
i gave him a basketball..he's so pleased :)
also a b'day card,,
and my project..a food journal for him hihi
oh, not to forgot a lil bookmark from bandung..he's not coming there :(
so for sure now he's drving him self to his home,,'cause he insisted tonight to come to my house for giving me the 1st cake,,and for sure i got no surprise for him but the gift and all my love for him :)
have a blissfull life my snowball
'cause i know it's true, clear to see that ur heart is the warmest heart i ever known..
and keep fighting for ur dream cos u're a true knight :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

welcoming the fasting month and my short hair ^^

ohooooo i don't know why i couldn't logged in to my blog these past few dats :(
now, i'm 2Bandung with Cillie and finally i could!! yay!
wisely spend ur time in this blessed month,,pray.pray.and pray :)

okkkaay and another recent thing is: i got my hair short!! yeaa really,,

bumblee-ing before heading out to Istiqlal :)

people says i'm more mature with this cut hihi

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this man :)

this man is the man i love the most
this man is someone i couldn't runaway from
this man is my very bestfriend
this man is someone who had most sincere smile
this man is my daily doze of laugh
this man is my super power
this man is my ultra comfy hugher

this man is Manggala Prasidha :)

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