Friday, October 16, 2009

..jakarta in a cup of coffee..

i was craving for coffee..and it could be specified as I did need starbucks blended wkwkw or might less,,it's ok for
but where did i find such..when i'm not going entrance any malls??
so i drove myself to Anomali, Senopati 'cause Gala was definitely busy for 'malam bainai'
Like always,,got an afternoon in the south jakarta specified Santa-Senopati-Mampang in a weekdays are pissed everywhere so do mine wkwkwk
it's kinda weird 'cause i found myself enjoy driving with this traffic condition..i got many aspiration and inspiration..(i ever mentioned it in the previous post)
so back to the coffe things,,i found there's no car park left behind,,and that's fine 'cause they got lil space there,,then the parker came to me,,guide me to parked my car across the building..also crossed me..thanked!
so i entered the cafe..and quite there..find interesting smell and straight away i ordered.
I'm too in love with almond and hazelnut blended in my got to be impossible to not ordered them..i can't find the almond so i ordered the hazelnut..
i'ts pretty fast then i got my coffee..because i did the coffee take away so i shouldn't pay the service :D
i didn't notice..did starbucks do this too??
(not noticed because i never have starbucks on my own bills wkwkwk)
so it's perfect's strong taste,blended well,fast service,quiet place and..definitely safe for my pocket :D
and also very agree with their motto..SUPPORT OUR LOCAL COFFEE ROASTER
and that afternoon the traffic are so well..thanked to myself for buying the hazelnut latte :D

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