Monday, May 3, 2010


we can't go to the future,,see what we're gonna be and go back to the present and past to fix and lead everything to meet the future..
everyday for me is getting harder
what i got to achieve are somewhat beyond what i could do
i take too little and give almost that little too
the worse part is i can't even measure the progress nor the left behind
i've no spark to light the engine..
it's pretty scared when u left urself in blank mode
u got nothing to do cos u simply don't know what u should do
i believe if i try harder...i even never try,,i think it's possible,,off course it's possible to get rid this blank period
but too bad..i even don't know where to start it...
if i keep writing..i got nothing but emptiness
i should do something
but knowing that i don't know
somewhat helpful
i should stop this post..over and over again till i can move on
i should move on..
when i can't get a car
i could walk..could i?
ok stop typing..cause now i'm walking

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