Friday, January 14, 2011

sat-sleep day :p

It's middle Jan of 2011..
I'm typing with by blackberry..
Fyi this is my first blog post with this smart phone ahahaha ><
I just found out that it works! Silly me!

Now i want to share my thought a bit..
It's all about getting scared
We people now that this world shall be end one day.. thinking about that i'm just scared

I'm scared cause what i got now is nothing compared that what god had given me the chance..

God gave me the great world, people, love, things but what i gave in return?

I sometimes missed my prays time
I sometimes made people around me sad and worried
I sometimes littered on the park
I sometimes wasted my food

Now i'm really scared if God stop my time and i simply freeze cause my life's CV isn't fit :(

Next month is my February..i shall be 22 years old..and i'm a bit scared if GOD say: u're 21 isn't impress me well..why i should give an additional year? ><

Fara's Halo BlackBerry®

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