Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mayo on my mouth

just want to tell how fullfilled my appetite..
i love sushi, i really do
i'm starving at the moment, yes i am
i don't have much money,,yaa 'cos sushi will cost pretty much : )
i'm with my boyfriend and yeaa he feel the same..
so us decided to go to Sumo Sushi
it's what u called "warung sushi" at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
i'm sorry for the table (made from wood) is lil bit stink (maybe the rain drops fallin in it,,and humid it)
we oredered salmon kremes (filled and topped with mayo yumm! 6 pieces) it's only Rp.18.000
the nigiri: unagi (umm i forgot the price), also unagi salad Rp.19.000
the maki : salmon spicy (umm also forgot the price)
and the okonomiyaki seafood (again with mayoo,,ahaaaayyy!!) it's Rp.17.000
and the drinks: a mineral water bottled-Aqua and a refiil hot-tea, not a sweet ice tea (Rp.3.000) 
pretty cheap aren't they,,and yap my appetite fulfilled ehehe

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