Monday, June 22, 2009

skirts that put a smile on my face : )

yeehaa,,couple days ago i went to pasar senen with my sisters
got some skirts, suppa cheap : ) ahaay
here my picts with the skirt,,two from about eight (me; two,cillie; three, uwi;three) skirt,,
the price was (less than 1 $) Rp.8000 and (1/10 than 1 $) Rp.1000 each.Yippie!!

up to bottom:
uwi's inacraft necklake
my ninewest bag
cillie's white t-shirt (factory outlet @ Bandung)
cillie's floral skirt (from Pasar Senen: Rp 8000, less than 1 $)
my tracce

up to bottom:
my white shirt
my ninewest bag
my skirt (from Pasar Senen: Rp 8000, less than 1 $)
my symbolize

i'm gonna have a new car ehehe
amieen : )
my mother always wanted for a jeep, semi jeep,,,okay
so both photos above taken from: pajero sport exhibition @ Mall Kelapa Gading
and pajero sport test drive @ Parkir Timur Senayan
and the story goes we're damn love pajero on the 1st sight,,but it's a solar car, and noisy,,it bothers,,sorry
soo,,my mom picked Captiva,,a beautiful shaped SUV car
wait for u belle! : )

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