Thursday, July 30, 2009

*boovie for today :)

lookin' for some engineering text books today on JACC with my snowball
now called Jakarta city center
unfortunately there aren't such books :(
so me bought an old Elle magazine for Rp.10.000,- and a brand new sushi book (really cool) for Rp.20.000,- :)
him bought several old automotive magazines and two biography
the place is more comfortable than the old place they used to be -kwitang
it's air conditioned but there's only few people around there,,too bad for them
the price is cheap,,cheaper than Kwitang i tought
next down to the 1st floor bought a 'jilbab' for his mom

after book hunting me and him watched 3d Up at Gading XXI
the movie is ultra cute,,
especially how they showed the love between Carl and Ellie :)
and not to forget,,the-oh-so-him russel
tiny eyes,tiny nose and big body hhee,,
ended up today with unlucky dishes from sumo sushi
and,,,he left his cellphone on my bag :(
because you know,,we simply can't call each other in the middle of the night just to say,,
i can't sleep and missed you,,hhee

*anwy boovie is my word for book and movie ahaha

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