Tuesday, December 15, 2009

december's story..

heiho..i'm back again..
this almost end 7th semester really pushin' me in..
the seminar, kp, assignments, lab...oh my oh my :(
glad to know that less than a week they all will disappear hihi..

so today, i went to Teluk Jakarta, for the seminar thing..i' got to write down everything before 24th! the truth the draft has to be submitted before 17th!!
packed with a map, me and gala still get lost a bit ehehe..but we did enjoy the trip..but not the smell..and the argued or i lke it? cos it make us alive hehehe..

might the location i'll pick is muara karang but i don't know whether the kamal will be better or not.. might later i'll go there since i stil got an exam for tomorrow.. ups two exams haha

got exhausted and sleepy we try pizza boutique near his house..pricey but great chicken fettuccine pizza..we don't bring much money so we should skip the desert uhuhuhu ;P
it's ok at least we don't have to wash the dishes ahaha

back home, then i found my family preparing to take my grandfather to the doctor,,he's not well, last night his condition was ever worse..today he was better.. i kiss him and praying for him.

I'd like to go home but there're two of my niece there..they're totally cute, their mum in Aceh and their father in padang,,they both now taken care by their grandma and grandpa.. huhu works over matter..

1st time they're just as quiet as they can be..but okay,,i just can't stand of doing nothing with the child,,well child is the greatest GOD'S gift... so i started to talk and make them laugh..the next minutes..they're unbeatable.. got so exhausted following them anywhere especially they got interested with the three wheel bicycle! what a strong grandma and grandpa :) they both looks like the same age,, the oldest is one year older than the youngest..just like me and sirli..they share laugh,,,and when they tired they go find milk,,laying down recharging them self ehehe

they just have no fear and obviously questioned many thing,,one thing that keep them quiet is fish,,,fish in aquarium,,and fish in the pot..

and the final stage is when they want to take a bath..oh my it's fun! they didn't cry..even the shampoo running down their face..well baby's shampoo didn't irritate right.. this not my first time,,but taking bath of two is definitely my first time,,they queue and laugh so often..god i remember me and sirli back then.. do we just like them ehehe...so they got a good smell and they should go home..huhu

they sat on the back seat with grandma,,rise their hand and bye-bye auntie..
and so the auntie still have to face the two exams for tomorrow ;P

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