Monday, December 21, 2009

the heart tells a story

might i got stress and soo lost
might i wrong but i declined it
might the worst happened but it won't stop this heart to miss you...

whatever it takes i'll go as long as i can feel the miss feeling..'cause without it..u'll never be exist in my heart..and i'll have a cloud of sorrow above my head..
with you i rounded by the magic rainbow..the mixed of the colour constantly drive me insanely happy :)

i wanna say sorry but it sounds so decent..see i'm gonna tell you how much i miss you and how far i want u to be involved in my life..mine was great but with yours it doubled the feeling!!

i want to listen to u deeper, listen till i met the period, so idon't have to push u to put the comas..

we might totally young for all things waiting us forward..or just me the young one? whatever the things i knew we start and will end all together..just like the apple pie we shared ;)

thanked for your extremely wide and warm heart :)
(ps: i'll soon draw a picture of us..or some kind related to us ehehe)

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