Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i'm still cloudy..cause one of the sun i had is gone

i spent most of my childhood playing around your house..
my mom said it's always been easy for me to had ur attention.
i'm ur first grandchildren and i know u love me so much
yet when i grew up i know u're a quiet peson
not like grandma that loves to tell me a story yet sing along with me
one thing for sure u've been always on my side whatever and whenever
u love to take me home from school
u love to bought me wafers, ice cream, anything i like
u accompany me and my sisters when my mom and dad watch movie outsides
u're so simple..
i always remember all your favorite foods
sate padang
soto padang
gulai tunjang
and ur healthy every morning,,u love sports so much
u did karate, golf, volley ball u had a handsome body grandpa
and i know this past time u've been so sad cause u got to rest all your body..
i know you're getting old..
i know..but i can't let you go this fast..
i want u see me longer,,until i'm graduate and have my own family..
i thanked god to let me have you for twenty years of my life
i did only little help for you,,,
i only can drive you anywhere you like since u're not allowed to drive anymore..
that's too little compare to things you've been giving for me
the last time i see ur face,,the time u left us u're smiling
i'm glad grandpa,,i'm glad..
but the truth still slicing my hearts..this time and now on,,i couldn't run from the memories of you..
and i simply miss you
i miss you
i miss my grandpa who always reading a newspaper, with her white t-shirt and sarong and a delightful smile
sitting in front of his house and greet me any time i pass his house for school, course an even playing with my friend..
i love you


  1. sedih deh far baca ini..
    be grateful ya :)
    soalnya gw ga pernah ngalamin punya kakek hehe..

  2. iyaa mut..abis udh kebiasaan ada dia
    hooo gt mut, gw juga kakek cm dari nyokap aj,,yang dr bokap sedari kecil udh gk ada..
    makasi ya ;)


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