Sunday, January 10, 2010

ms.tutti fruti and mr.berry

today was so exhausted ;(
my grandpa got serious sick and i stayed at the hospital all trough the night
this morning tough he's not well but he's getting better..i prayed my best for him
today and other past days i played polyvore a lot!! it was like three days since i signed in there and totally in to it hahay i also i put the link in my blog side bar ;)
so finally today i made my promise to visit mr.agung ariawan the man made acrylic
surprisingly he moved his workplace but fortunately it near by the older one
he's a kind man and help me designing this lab experiment acrylic tube project
huff.. got so relieved and the last thing i wait is the payment of those tubes hahay
he told me to bring a letter from my university so i could get the student prise :)
next, i accompanied my boy to check out his 'berry' things in Senayan City
his 'berry' bold totally take his attention into it,,kinda jealous hahay
ended up today with tutti frutti (never know why i got so addict with yoghurt)
i mixed the strawberry, guava and lychee yoghurt topped by dragon fruit, strawberry sauce and mochi melon (as always)
and surprisingly my 'berry' boy like it!! gosh he never like any yoghurt at all
so might this story end with label:
ms.tutti fruti and mr.berry

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