Sunday, January 17, 2010

late night typing time

whoaaam, it's pretty late but my eyes are wide open
i feel soo relieved some how after what i've been trough some past days
yap, the acnes and the moody still here
but they're all pretty fly away because i do put so many smiles recently
not just because i'm doing what i really like to do right now but because i'm surrounded by so many lovely people yet  i found they're fantastic in many ways..
i also had some curious 'bout what happened next..but let's say this curiosity isn't good and i thought it's time for me to hold on myself a no it's not about i'm quite expanding my horizon but,,likely this time i got to loved what i have and count my blessings before asking for more...

god now what's best for me and i do believe
above all
all my pray go to my dearest grandpa, he's still laid down in the hospital
and i can't help my tears not coming for writing this
he's the first one asking me travel when i was three years old to Bukit Tinngi
he's beyond my words he loves me i always know
god now what's best for him and i do believe

okay, my stomach is sick again,,asking for some rest i guess :)


  1. get well soon fara's grandpa :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and so sry about ur grandpa, hope he gets better, must be great to have one, i never but i'm sure it's special, hugs


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