Saturday, May 23, 2009

le bon marche!

Last night, me and my family went to marche,
a from-Swiss restaurant which can make u feel urself in Swiss.
It's called marche-french words translated in english : market because when we want our food then we have to order it the same way( the ambience) like we're in swiss traditional market.There's many food stall and they'd love to make our order right in front of us.
Me, personnally order an Rosti, sliced potato and beef sausage. my sis have her own pasta (which is soo creammy yumm!) , my lil sis order a pizza, my mom have same order like me, and my father with extra salmon (which is soo soft, like it!).
in my opinion the ambience is extra good, but lil bit too crowd,,hhe cos it's saturday night : )
but the food is too much for my stomach, one porsion feels like made for two,,
the porsion doesn't fit my asian stomach size hehe
but what i love the most is their dessert,,all kind Swiss choc added just so fine,,hehe
we ordered the crepe ( i forgot the name) it consisted of soft crepe, strawberry yoghurt, fruit toppings, and also my own topping like peppermint sauce, honey and the choc chips i wont resist,,hoho, the choc muffin
and also the hot choc,,hmm,,delicious : )


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