Thursday, May 7, 2009

A fun yet beautifull day!

heiii!!there's been a long time i didn't chit-chat, laughing with my boyfriend (phone calling not counted hehe).Him with the dissertation stuff and me with all those assignments, labs, all the college things.Those all make us need some fresh air..not by sushi-ing, hanging out with friends, or accompany him to his friends wedding hehe, we did all those : ) all we want to do is meet the nature! so we decided to went out to our nearest fresh air producer, puncak. 
First time he ask me to went for an ATV ride, that's sounds great, tough i'm still hoping, i really do, to get permission from my mom for rafting with him.But on the 6th mei (which is our monthsary) we decided to cancel it, cause there's plenty task for me and him.
Then, after he suprised me with the Estee Lauder perfume and we've spending time together at his home; watching ice-age, playing piano (him) & singing (me) then finnaly went to Ace hardware and eat some worth price  food; lamb steak (him) & salmon steak (me) @ Jl. Wr.Buncit- Jakarta Selatan (can't imagine if that salmon steak size convert into a sushi! what a price! hehe) we decided to take a change! (we had a 'lil fight here hehe).So after he drove me home we agreed to went to puncak early in the morning, 06.30 am from Rawamangun- Jakarta Timur.
Fortunately we both too tired,, so we fall asleep easily (usually he can't sleep @ night , me too but 'cos i'm surfing on the internet hehe).So it was around 04.00 am he phoned me to woken up me, 'cause I've got to edit my assignments ( but i even can't open my eyes).I fall asleep and voila! it's already 6 o'clock in the morning when i woke up!
we're late,,That's just the beginning.My tire broken! fortunately that's was only a tiny hole comes from a tiny nail too hehe.But he tought that was a bad sign.Along the way isn't getting better.Because our 1st plan ridin' ATV was cancelled (again it's a bad sign) we tried too had a tea-walk @ agromas.Well finnaly our mission for getting fresh air is accomplished!.Our moods are boosted up! we both had so much fun there, not only cos we went there on the weekdays, so it didn't crowd.But We had a yummy dum-dum "pisang bakar" .I don't know, it might be "pisang Raja".It was a 'lil raining we had while we are eating, accompanied by tea (which i'm not expert on tasting tea, i tought the tea just like a tea :P but 'cos i choose the ginger tea, it warmed me).We met some foreigners there.The tour guide offered Taro,,oh,,better banana miss :P

The yummy-dum-dum banana : )

sharin' sillyness with him :P

After the tea experience (but we didn't go inside the tea factory 'cos it's almost noon) we decide to go to Puncak pass for prayin' Dzuhur.Along the way, we found Melrimba, it was really great yet beautifull place to visit!( i want to go to visit this place, but today is the day i finnaly visited it! hehe) There's an ATV ride there too, but too small, it's for the family.Then we went to their garden,and green house, awesome! plenty phalaenopsis, anthurium, and cactus are there! but i don't know, why i didn't find my lily hehe.
After taking a walk in their garden costed Rp.5000 for one person (their tea-walk is another my wish list!) .We went to their restaurant,it was cozy and fine.We had our spirit back : ).
Then we played basketball, my boyfriend is sooooo happy, we had a shoot-match there, got the basketball lessons to thrown-in a ball (me), laughing a lot while playing, and finnaly stopped 'cos we're too tired hehe.
A fun day, a great relaxing time, a lovely time for two : )
pst; can't wait to get those fun pictures from his camera : )

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