Sunday, May 10, 2009

miss ya my strength

arrrghh!! what's on me??
lately i'm just,,keep browsing, keep writing, keep missin' my boyfriend ahaha, keep eating' (gosh, i'm snacking a lot, too bad i ate two instant noodle for the past two days, but still yogurt-ing hihi) and the last,,the bolder one : lazy on me! ahaha can't stand it anymore
u know, i've no determination to finish my assignments, 'cos simply this semester are too much!! too much assignmnets with tiny time,,and divided into a group which u can't hold where u're belong too,,okay,,just stop it, u lazy! u're loser Fara,,arggh!! noo pleaseee
now, what should i do?? hiks, i'm startin' to cry,,god, damn it! why can my finger start to type somekind of two-way-slab calculation, editing my final paper of contruction management, opening A-cad for my cut & filling work in highway engineering or simply,,start to downloading the foundation's ppt hiks,,i need help..
but u know, in my opinion, the bright opinion ahaha
this kind of circumtances is normall
and trully accepted (did i just wrote "accepted"?? oh my..) 
okay,, i'm begging to start covering my own faults..ehehe
maybe i sholud take a rest? No, too much rest already..
so what i need?? i need u (ahaha silly!)
umm maybe right,, maybe i need someone..someone to take a fight with! yap,, i do think about it! need someone who made me jealous enough,,but this someone must be close enough to me,,if she/he doesn't close enough,,it's impossible for me to get jealous ahaha..yaaa i need someone who can sayin' a loud "hey Fara, how can u just sit like that? while i'm flyin' high,,,ahaha" oh, my,, hate u! but wait,,look i'm gonna catch u!
okay,,i don't have this kind of person,,cos bassically i do friend by caring and sharing
but u know,, iwant this daring type too
isn't it cute while someone who dares u and makes u trough the hard thing (in a good way offcourse) kisses and huges u in the end of the race?? soo cute
u know it's like combining both thing u like and u don't like and hoping they're fine,,hihi
okaaay, let's kick start the monday! monday (a day) = depok (a town) = teknik ui (my college) = tc  (Engineering cup) ahaha/ tb (final assignments) = my all crazy-oh-stress-like-me friends (i do hope them too / well i know they do hehe)

pst: "well stormy semester i've ever had,,hopefully i could get trough this,, : )
& wanna try Sushi Naga real soon : (

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