Saturday, May 16, 2009


hoola!! hoola!!
(seemed too excited,,hoho)
well i'm back after a week, what a week!
  • my Structural design assignment is done.Done? yap, with all efforts made trough the night tryin' to create-run-make(again)-run the portal case,,fiuh..(credits to kepodang ,Vande yosua, gita, prima, hoho) But, please don't ask me 'bout this assignment for good, i'm hibernating 'bout this topic hehe
  • well, next i've got to finish my management construction and highway engineering asignments : (  can i? can i? can i? 
  • delivering a good presentation on 'teknik saitasi' (what's the english translation for this? anyone? hehe) well Mrs Evi don't complain too much, and my group can handle the question well hihi
  • attending the quarter final on basketball engineering cup, yess we win! the final,,i'm not attending 'cos of my highway engineering assignments : ( and we lose huuuuu 
  • proud of my civil female basketball team,,'tough we're not win we're much away good
  • i love my hands while it glycerinized so my hands don't have to be stick with the bitumen hehe
  • i'm wondering why after we paid the campus fee  pretty much but they don't let's use the automatic compacting machine : (
  • i love the way i spend my friday-saturday with my boyfriend and more love if he cuts his hair :)
  • now, i remember just remember that i'm still typing here and not opening the yahoo tab for sending email for Mrs.Leni hehe ciao!

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