Sunday, May 10, 2009

after eat my mom's meat balls : )

my stomach is full hehe
my mood is balance 
my assignments are interrupted haha

still accessoring my blog , it's been four days since i start to journaling my day, often sharing' my toughts here : ) and somehow by writing down here i feel relax (ahaha) 

now i'm following my friend:
and voila! 


You are Yellow Lion, who looks cheerful, straightforward and precise, but at the bottom of your heart, you are very cautious towards other people and do not take your guard off so easily. 
You are always thoroughly on your guard.
You hardly express your emotions, but can act in line with the others. 
Although this make you look sociable, you are not truly coming out of your shell.
You tend to be rather a lonely person, and work hard without taking notice of the surrounding situations. 
You dislike being interfered, and do not depend on or show your weakness to others. 
You tend to endure your struggle all on your own.
You are very responsible person, and puts great effort in improving traditional things. 
You don't go rushing into things on your own, but try to work by keeping well balanced with others.
You have perseverance, and carry things out with determination to finish it. 
You live your life actively and are reliable person.
Your ways of thinking is sound and reliable. 
This sometimes gives you an impression of being too serious and strong-minded. 
You don't possess emotional dependence and obsession. 
You have a very straight forward atmosphere, and can tackle things calmly. 
You don't brood over as well.
You can look after and take good care of those younger than you and those who are weaker than you. 
They depend on you greatly. 
You will keep your career even after the marriage. 
It will be important for you and your partner to respect each other.

and for him,,


You are Red Koala, who would not dress up putting on excessive accessories. 
You are an idyllic person. 
You give the impression of being natural and without pretence. 
Nevertheless, the inner you tends to be rather sensitive and nervous.
Your personality is cheerful and you can tackle work effectively.
You tend to possess political power within your personal relationships, and at work. 
You can make others follow you. 
You are a natural born leader. 
You are always thinking about getting to the top.
You have a sense to read head of times, and therefore, can be quick on changes in the society. 
You always go head of the others. 
Your weakness is that you are indifferent to material things and having relationship with other people. 
Because you tend to be calculative, you may suffer from a loss of someone you care about, and you can be high handed.
You tend to assess people only on their ability. 
If you can be more open minded to look into the effort they put in, you will be successful.
You have an artistic sense. 
You look for romance in your life, and will go on to make the dream come true. 
If you go in the fields of music and art, your talent may open up.

ahaha scarily accurate in many points : )

So what are yours?? hihi  : ) 

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