Friday, May 8, 2009

drive, drove, driven : )

enjoying myself while i'm driving : )
watching life's drama behind the steering wheel
lookin' deep into them who aren't lucky as i am
it takes seconds until i get honked hehe

then shake my head when those motor cycles passed me by,,they all like bees, they simply can't wait, and they can 'stink' us as the car driver, pushin' all the mistaken to us.'Cos they all are tiny, need to be protected but themselves risk our lives : (
please no more motor cycle on the right side

the street, i love it in the morning! saw all the people are bussy ; on the traditional market i passed by, schools, bus stop, and the most beautiful queue up on the high way hehe

love the way people fight for their own day : ) 
and me too! with my own way
then try to relaxing myself afterward
with my own way too
sometimes the best way is by driving my car : )

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